Vi vill veta hur du upplevde det att få en SIP

By taking a stand on a few statements, we can find out how you experienced getting a Coordinated Individual Plan (SIP). You leave the answers completely anonymously. Your answers are important to us so that we can improve the work we do.

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Every time you answer the survey, you get a code that you can save. If you want, you can share the code with staff. The code can be used to display your survey answers or to compare with the next time you filled in the survey. Click Generate report from code below.

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Here are the questions about how you experienced getting a SIP. Your answers are very important for us to be able to improve in the work we do.

I think the staff listened to me

I get to be involved in deciding what support I/or my family will receive

I think we talked about what is important to me

I think it's clear who does what

I think I got answers to my questions

I feel that what we agreed on the coordinated individual plan has been followed

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